Art Director & Graphic Designer

The One-Word Dictionary

While developing the Hershey’s Her For She campaign (watch here), a Global SISTERHOOD Movement (SORORIDADE in Portuguese), we realised that a word as relevant as this is not yet in most of the main dictionaries in Brazil.

That's why we created the One-Word Dictionary: Sororidade. With definitions written by strong and talented women from different fields, with different cultures and backgrounds.

Each page was illustrated and diagrammed in a different way, to enhance each of these definitions. Because a word with such a plural meaning as “Sororidade” deserves much more than a simple definition.

We sent copies of the book to influencers, journalists, celebrities... And of course, to the main dictionary publishers in Brazil. Now they have all the inspiration they need to include this word in their books.

My role: Lead Art Director / Graphic Designer